The research is clear: regular attendance is critical for academic success, effective learning, and essential life skills for students. Supercharge your efforts with SES SmartSeat™ to quickly and easily track, assess, intervene, and reduce absenteeism!

Finally, a tool you can use to evaluate and address attendance issues!

Daily Attendance Tracking
Monitor student attendance, enabling timely response to attendance concerns.

Chronically Absent Identification
Identify and flag students who are chronically absent, allowing for targeted interventions.

Customizable Interventions
Implement customized intervention strategies based on individual student needs and attendance patterns. 

Predictive Analytics
Utilize predictive analytics to forecast potential attendance issues and take proactive measures.

Improved Communication
Enhance communication between teachers, parents, and administrators regarding student attendance trends.

Intervention Effectiveness
Track and measure the effectiveness of interventions over time, ensuring continuous improvement.

Performance Metrics
Generate comprehensive reports on changes in attendance, highlighting improvements or declines.

Automate Family Notifications
Generate and automatically schedule attendance letters or emails to identified students.

Attendance Calendar
Easily view any student’s attendance over time.