Finally! A Tool that Makes Proficiency-Based Grading Work!

Why SES SmartScore™?       

SES SmartScore™ was designed by educators from the ground up as a proficiency/mastery-based scoring and reporting system. Other systems try to "tack on" features that require teachers to convert everything to points. That's not how it's supposed to work!

Want letter grades? SES SmartScore™ integrates optional letter grades that make sense. To get an A (or B, or C), students must demonstrate performance  -- not accumulate "points" that may or may not be related to the subject area.

SES SmartScore™ Key Benefits and Features

Built for Proficiency

SES SmartScore™ is built from the ground up as a proficiency/mastery based system. No converting to points or double-entering scores.

Want Letter Grades?

Optional letter grades can be used along with proficiency scores! Make your grades reflect true proficiency.

High-Quality Rubrics

Access our complete library of rubrics for any grade, K-12.


Email parents directly from SES SmartScore™ with proficiency information, using SES templates or custom ones you create yourself. 


Generate proficiency-based transcripts that give a better picture of student performance.

Analysis Tools

Use the Class Learning Report, Student Learning Snapshot, SES Spotlight™, and more to identify the best learning opportunities for your students.

Aligned with CCSS

SES SmartScore™ has high predictive value with the Smarter Balanced test. 

Student Engagement

Use the built-in badging system to promote student engagement.

It's Just That Easy!

With SES SmartScore™, teachers spend less time on grading, while providing better feedback to students!

"Our sixth grader thrives at AMS knowing exactly what is expected.  She is very motivated by the honor roll, but when confused, she doesn't ask us, but simply clicks the link and emails one of her five teachers.  Knowing why she earned the proficiency / mastery, and how to fix it, empowers her."

- Middle School Parent