Finally! A Tool that Makes Proficiency Based Grading Work!

Why SmartScore™?        

SmartScore™ was built from the ground up as a standards/proficiency based scoring and reporting system. Other systems try to "tack on" features that require teachers to convert everything to points. That's not how proficiency works!

Want letter grades? SmartScore™ integrates optional letter grades that make sense. To get an A (or B, or C), students must demonstrate performance (defined by you), not accumulate "points" that may or may not be related to the subject area.

SmartScore Features:

  • Built from the ground up as a proficiency/standards based system
  • Letter Grades that promote student performance
  • Electronic Report Cards
  • SES Spotlight™ allows you to follow all students who meet your criteria (e.g. 6th graders who are less than 80% proficient in math)
  • Email parents directly from SmartScore with proficiency information, using SES templates or custom ones you create yourself 
  •  Parents and students can view scored rubrics 
  •  Score standards using most recent, most common, highest score, mode3, or mode4
  • SmartScore scores have high predictive value with the Smarter Balanced achievement levels 
  • Access to the complete SES SmartScore™ rubric bank, grades K-8
  • Enter or upload custom rubrics
  • Administrator tools to analyze student performance, missing and incomplete assignments, attendance, and more 
  • Badging system that promotes student engagement
  • Create printable pdf reports 
  • Track teacher progress in assessing standards, creating assignments, and more. 
  • SmartScore is a proven solution, now in our 13th year serving schools.
  • SmartScore generates transcripts for use with other schools or teachers 
  • Attendance tracking system lets you monitor and address chronically absent students