SES SmartScore™ For Schools

Is your school already proficiency-based? Are you moving in that direction?

SES SmartScore for Schools™ is the best way to implement a system-wide approach to proficiency that's thoughtful, logical...and successful!

Even more, SmartEd Systems offers a complete suite of personalized professional development -- facilitated by practicing educators -- to ensure your success!

SES SmartScore for Schools™ not only incorporates all the features that teachers need and use, but also includes powerful tools for administrators to:  

  • Access to SES custom professional development modules and videos
  • Manage teacher accounts and track progress
  • Monitor student performance across domains and standards
  • Automatically sync with your student information system to ensure up-to-date students and enrollments
  • Generate and send custom emails, based on proficiency and attendance criteria
  • ...and much more! Click here to compare SES SmartScore™ plans!