FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Below find answers to the questions we hear a lot.

What is Proficiency/Mastery Based Scoring and Reporting?

The idea behind proficiency based scoring and reporting is simple. Students should know exactly what success looks like in every class and shouldn't need to "guess for success." Think of taking a driver's test. There are particular skills you need to demonstrate in order to get a drivers license. If you can demonstrate those skills to an assessor, that's success! 

Is Proficiency Based Scoring the same as Mastery Learning or Target-Based?

While the exact definitions of these may differ in the details (depending on who you talk to), the basic idea is the same. In most places, mastery learning, target-based learning, and proficiency learning are the same.

What about Standards-Based Learning?

The phrase "standards-based learning" is an all-encompassing term to describe that student outcomes are based on well-defined standards (rather than non-academic factors). Proficiency, mastery, and target-based learning are all considered part of "standards-based education."

Is Proficiency Based Grading and Reporting Better for Students?

Yes! There has been much research to support that using a proficiency/mastery approach is better for kids, provides better feedback for students and parents...and even saves teachers time! See articles on our Resources page for more.