SES SmartScore™ For Teachers 
(SmartScore Classroom™)

SES SmartScore Classroom™ was designed for individual teachers who are blazing the trail at their schools! 

Are you convinced (like we are) that proficiency scoring and reporting bring transparency, accessibility, and accountability to the learning experience? 

Are you interested in using a proven proficiency scoring gradebook in your classroom? 

If so, SmartScore Classroom™ is perfect for you!

      SmartScore Classroom™ was designed to give individual teachers easy access to the most essential -- and powerful -- aspects of SES SmartScore™.
    • Use the built-in set of CCSS-aligned standards, along with proven rubrics that are Student-Friendly, Objective, Accessible, and Precise.
    • Create assignment-specific rubrics that students can use to self-assess.
    • Monitor student progress and easily identify those needing extra interventions.
    • Give students and parents an easy way to see up-to-the-minute progress on standards -- the Student Learning Snapshot.
    • ...and much more! Click here to compare SES SmartScore™ plans!