Professional Learning is the Cornerstone

Lasting school improvement requires planning. Communication. Execution. But without high-quality professional development, everything else is harder...if not impossible.  SES SmartPL has you covered!


Led by nationally-recognized administrator Katherine Holden, SES SmartPL partners with you and your staff every step of the way to make Proficiency Based Scoring and Reporting (PBSR) a lasting success.


Have you:

  • Worked with your staff to identify your "Why?" behind PBSR?
  • Generated milestones for a 3-5 year plan to ensure a smooth rollout and avoid overwhelming everyone?
  • Outlined the scope and requirements for your rubrics, including criteria to create only high-quality rubrics?
  • Identified the potholes and obstacles particular to your school and staff (and how to address them)?
  • Proactively coordinated with your superintendent and/or school board?
  • Created a communication plan for your parents and community?

Why can SES SmartPL help? Because we've been here before! We know how to move from a traditional system of "points and percentages" into a learning culture where students are more engaged, parents are true partners, and the criteria for success in any subject is transparent and clear to everyone. 


Check out a proficiency success story: Ashland Middle School