Get Critical time to USE it

Can you really call it "data-driven instruction" if the data comes too late for you to act on it?

​SmartEd Systems™ gives you the critical data you need -- today -- to identify learning opportunities as well as areas needing intervention.
  • ​Want to instantly see which students are chronically absent? Or better yet, which students are only a day or two away from becoming chronically absent?
  • What about students who have a number of missing assignments across all their classes?
  • ​Would it help to know how many identified standards have been assessed so far in each class across your school?

"SES provides an easy-to-use gradebook for my elementary teachers so I can finally access important formative and summative data for each student."                
Elementary School Principal

Administrators Can...

View up-to-the-minute data about student performance.

  • Missing and incomplete assignments.​

  • Student learning schoolwide or by learning area.

  • SES Spotlight™ data. These are all students that meet the criteria you specify (e.g. 6th graders who are less than 80% proficient in math).

Generate reports around student performance.

  • Export all reports to pdf or excel.​
  • Include a unique link for parents to easily access their child's current learning (no login required!).

Create printable PDFs of student performance and attendance to mail home.​

Track teacher progress in assessing standards, creating assignments, and more.​

Upload and edit custom rubrics for your teachers to use.

Post announcements for all teachers to see upon login.​

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