• Get Critical Data... in time to USE it

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  • "Our sixth grader thrives at AMS knowing exactly what is expected.  She is very motivated by the honor roll, but when confused, she doesn't ask us, but simply clicks the link and emails one of her five teachers.  Knowing why she earned the proficiency / mastery, and how to fix it, empowers her."

    - Jay Preskenis, Parent

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Can you really call it "data-driven instruction" if the data comes too late for you to act on it?

​SES SmartScore™ gives you the critical data you need -- today -- to identify learning opportunities as well as areas needing intervention.
  • ​Want to instantly see which students are chronically absent? Or better yet, which students are only a day or two away from becoming chronically absent?
  • What about students who have a number of missing assignments across all their classes?
  • ​Would it help to know how many identified standards have been assessed so far in each class across your school?

"SmartScore™ provides an easy-to-use gradebook for my elementary teachers so I can finally access important formative and summative data for each student."                
Elementary School Principal

Administrators Can...

View up-to-the-minute data about student performance.

  • Missing and incomplete assignments.​

  • Student learning schoolwide or by learning area.

  • SES Spotlight™ data. These are all students that meet the criteria you specify (e.g. 6th graders who are less than 80% proficient in math).

Generate reports around student performance.

  • Export all reports to pdf or excel.​
  • Include a unique link for parents to easily access their child's current learning (no login required!).

Create printable PDFs of student performance and attendance to mail home.​

Track teacher progress in assessing standards, creating assignments, and more.​

Upload and edit custom rubrics for your teachers to use.

Post announcements for all teachers to see upon login.​