Why Do Teachers Love SES SmartScore™?

"With SES SmartScore™, I actually spend less time assessing student work, and still give students higher-quality feedback and specific information on how to grow and improve their skills." 
-- Middle School Teacher

Scoring Rubrics Has Never Been Easier!

Forget the days of scoring rubrics on paper...then copying those scores into a gradebook. That's not only frustrating, it's a waste of time.

Use SES SmartScore™ to create a custom rubric, link it to one or more assignments, and score the rubrics...all from your computer or tablet! Parents and students can not only see the final scores, they can see the scored rubric as well! And they don't have to depend on their student bringing it home.


This helps your students and parents know exactly what areas or standards need improvement and how to get there.

From the teacher's home screen, you can build rubrics and create assignments as well as easily lookup student performance.

The Class Learning Report™ (CLR) generates an up-to-the-minute analysis of student learning in your classes. Use the CLR to identify learning areas with the most leverage as well as troublesome spots that need remediation.

The CLR+G shows current student learning and the growth each student has made for each standard! The Baseline report displays a quick summary of where each student started the school year. The CLR reports are ideal for setting, reporting -- and achieving -- your yearly teaching goals.

In SES SmartScore™, the process of providing feedback to students replaces the "grading" that used to involve points and percentages.

There is no double-entry required for teachers, because once you score the rubric, SES SmartScore™ does the rest!

The Feedback page is the "gradebook" of a standards-based system. Teachers see all assignments and the scores that each student received. Charts at the top show how often the class standards have been assessed so far. Teachers can even score rubrics directly from this page!

Can Your School Say This?

​94% of students report, “Rubrics help me understand what the teacher wants me to do on an assignment.

99% of students report they try to reach for Proficient or Mastery when they use a rubric.