Equitable Grading in Action: How to Transform Your Learning Currency and Lead a School-Wide Reform Focused on Student Learning.

When: 2-28-2024 10:00am PST/1:00pm EST

Learn how to put equitable grading into action and empower your students to 

set personalized learning goals, self-assess, and adapt for success!

  • See how and why mastering rubrics has played an essential role in AMS's transition to standards-based proficiency grading and reporting. 
  • Learn to use the Rubric for Rubrics as a powerful training tool, distinguishing between clear and explicit rubrics and those that are subjective and open to interpretation. 
  • Access an extensive standards-based rubric-bank covering all subjects, and take these skills/resources back to your site to move from a culture of ambiguity and student compliance to a true culture of learning!  

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Why is this webinar different?

There are plenty of books and guides promoting equitable grading...but few resources available that provide a clear actionable pathway to lead meaningful and equitable grading reform. We will demonstrate what happens when you create clear and explicit standards-based rubrics; use those rubrics to guide instruction; build assignment rubrics; and assess student work. 

Learn how we implemented this reform within our school community, how it empowered students to take ownership of their learning...and leveled the playing field for all learners.

Learn about the system change process and the critical steps needed to transform your school from a culture of compliance to a 

culture of equitable teaching and learning. 

Check out a proficiency success story! Ashland Middle School