With SES, you can:

  • Create and edit custom rubrics for all your classes (or use the built-in rubrics that SES provides).

  • Link your rubrics to assignments and score them directly in your browser.

  • Analyze student performance throughout the school year to identify learning opportunities and areas of need for Tier 2 and 3 intervention.

  • Track student growth in any learning area.

  • Communicate directly with students and parents about specific academic goals and important missing assignment information.

  • Generate a Student Achievement Snapshot™ at any time to summarize student learning.

standards based gradebook

A Better Way to Record and Report Student Learning

SmartEd Systems™ is the easiest, most intuitive way for your school or district to make proficiency-based learning a reality.

​At SmartEd Systems™ (SES), we are passionate about standards-based education and its power to transform the culture of teaching and learning. SES works through your web browser -- there is no software to install. 

Link to your SIS

Does your school or district use a student information system to store staff and student information, class enrollments, and attendance?

SmartEd Systems™ can link to your student information system for seamless updates!


Have your own rubrics? Great! We'll import them.

Need rubrics to get you started?

SES can provide essential K-8 rubrics for:

  • Math

  • Language Arts

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Student Habits

Need Help?

SmartEd Systems™ offers turnkey consulting from current practitioners! Modules include:

  • Building rubrics with endurance, leverage, and readiness.

  • Laying the groundwork with staff, students and parents.

  • Analyzing SES data in real time for targeted interventions.

  • Moving from points and percentages to measured proficiency.