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    Equity Through Grading: Transforming the learning Currency by SES founders Katherine Holden and Steve Retzlaff in the February 2023 issue of Principal Leadership describes the success story of their journey to a proficiency-based system of grading and reporting. Read the article here!                        

    A Better Way to Record and Report Student Learning

    SmartScore™ is the easiest, most intuitive way for your school or district to make proficiency-based scoring and reporting a reality.

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  • Join us Wednesday, 3/29 at 2:00pm EDT to see how letter grades can work in concert with proficiency/standards based scoring.

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  • "Our sixth grader thrives at AMS knowing exactly what is expected.  She is very motivated by the honor roll, but when confused, she doesn't ask us, but simply clicks the link and emails one of her five teachers.  Knowing why she earned the proficiency / mastery, and how to fix it, empowers her."

    - Jay Preskenis, Parent

SmartEd Systems

SmartEd Systems was founded by three educator/administrators. In working to implement proficiency-based scoring and reporting in our school, we found that while there are many books and speakers who address the topic at a high level, none had actually "made it happen" in a real school! Our team has successfully implemented proficiency-based scoring and reporting, overcome hurdles and mistakes along the way, and created tools and resources to make the transition easier.  SmartEd Systems is the result of years of experience, planning, and execution.

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Software + Professional Learning + Roadmap = Success

SES SmartScore™ 

This online gradebook provides the ability to grade assignments against standards and give real-time progress reports accessible to parents and students. See instantly how many missing assignments there are, what percentage of standards have been assessed, and what still needs to be done.

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A tool is only as good as understanding the purpose and context of what you are trying to accomplish. SmartEd Systems™ offers turnkey consulting from current practitioners! 

Modules include:

  • Building rubrics with endurance, leverage, and readiness.
  • Laying the groundwork with staff, students and parents.
  • Analyzing SES data in real time for targeted interventions.
  • Moving from points and percentages to measured proficiency.
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